John Taylor – 29/07/1947 – 31/05/2021

John was originally a Gloucester boy, who moved to Ross some 25 years ago.  He is father to two sons, Mark and Paul, and grandfather to Hector, Orson and Lilly.  In September 2020, he married his second wife Avril after having been together for many years.

John was always a positive, cheerful person who didn’t let things get him down.  He was diagnosed with Cancer around September 2019 and knew that it would eventually take him.  But in true John fashion he got on with things and concentrated on what he could do rather than what he couldn’t.

John was a practical and technical man.  After his apprenticeship at Dowtys, he became a hospital engineer and later a Water Engineer for British Waterways.  He also studied electrical engineering and plumbing at evening classes.  Woodworking had always been a hobby of John’s and on retirement he attended Hereford College for a full-time cabinet making course and later a rural apprenticeship.

He was an active member of the Kyrle Probus, Transport Group and Friends of St Mary’s, and, until his health failed him, had been secretary to the Tudorville Allotment Society for around 10 years.  One of John’s last projects while chairman of the Friends of St Mary’s was arranging for the flood lights at St Mary’s to be re-instated.  He put much effort into researching companies and the best lights to use.

The floodlights have been turned to purple in remembrance of John – 2nd June 2021

I am sure I’m not the only one who will miss him.


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