Raymond Cawthorn (06.07.1937 – 04.03.2021)

A much loved husband, stepfather, grampy, brother & uncle, loved by all his family.

Ray was born on Howle Hill and moved down to Walford when he was 11 with his four sisters and 3 brothers.

A lover of sport, playing in goal for Walford Football Team, Ray took up referring while in the army and continued to do so on his discharge. He joined the Hereford Football Association in the 1970s and served on several committees, being made an honorary member for services to football in 2019. He took an active part in running The Ross Football Challenge Cup competition, organising matches and fund raising events.

Ray’s favourite hobby was his garden and he grew all sorts of vegetables and flowers, his favourites being sweet peas and dahlias. He would show his vegetables & flowers at the Lea & Ross Horticultural  Shows winning many cups and trophies. When Ray’s health started to fail he had to give up his beloved garden and move into Ross.

Ray is remembered by many as being mischievous, funny, always cheerful and possessing a loving character.

He will be greatly missed by Diana and all his family and friends.

If I had a voice today,
I’d say Dear ones, please don’t cry,
Still love me but don’t grieve for me,
It’s easy if you try.
Don’t think of all that I won’t see,
Just think of what I’ve seen,
Think not of places I won’t go,
But remember where I’ve been.
I’ve lived, I’ve loved,
I’ve laughed, I’ve cried,
I’ve worked hard, that’s for sure,
I’ve done my best, I’m satisfied,
I couldn’t ask for more.
I know not whatever of me,
Nor what’s beyond today
If I had a choice I’d use my voice,
But alas I’ve gone away.
You have memories of me to enjoy,
Smile, laugh, be tough,
You have loved me, and enriched my life
I was happy, that’s enough!

Raymond is remembered by his widow Diana.

Donations in memory of Ray to St Michael’s Hospice, Hereford

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